Week 1: Bird Food Machine

Start screen

Sorry for the delay  in posting this first app, I blew the challenge already!  The past few weeks had me very occupied with school work and job hunting, but the hunt is coming to an end and the work is slow for the next week or two, so hopefully the next update will be right on time!  I had actually created the app within the week I designated for it, but didn’t get to writing the blog post until now, so maybe that sort of counts as fulfilling AppaWeek :]

For my first weekly iOS app (and my first iOS game), I decided to adapt an old Neopets game called Ice Cream Machine.  Since people like games with birds in them, I replaced the Neopets with Neobirds so we have Bird Food Machine.  I can taste the ad revenue already!

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An App a Week

Every week for the next until I get bored weeks, I’m going to make an iOS app and post about the process and what cool things I learned.

This semester I’m taking a student-taught course in iOS development, and so far I’ve learned about using and creating protocols/delegates, custom table views and cells, creating interfaces in the xcode builder, using core location, gesture recognizers, and a bunch of different UIViews .  That’s about the extent of my knowledge at the time of this post, so I’m excited to see how that list will grow as this project goes on.

This week, I’m making my first iOS game using Sprite Kit, which has been pretty easy to pick up so far.  I’ll try to post the results at the end of every week, starting with next weekend.  In the meantime, I might post about some of the apps I’ve made for homework assignments of the iOS class.